1. Valour Farm

From the recording ALONE

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Track 12 - From the album 'ALONE' by Alan Fennah



Verse 1
The battlefield
1917 in Flanders field
I lie and wait
At Dirty Bucket camp till half past eight
Waiting for a Meter Bus
To take me down the line
To Valour Farm and battle
One last time

Verse 2
I have a life
I miss my little girl, I miss my wife
She's making plans
For when I get back home to her warm hands
Across this sea of mud, I'd sail
To tell them of my tale
As the boys from the marching band
Begin to play


Verse 3
At Valour Farm
One last push and this mire will be ours
The whistle blows
Creeping with the barrage
Up I go
A shell explodes in a blinding light
It took me by surprise
My hopes and dreams
They flashed before my eyes


Verse 4
Back home she saw
The postman walking up to her front door
His head held low
He told her what she didn't want to know
The telegram beside her
She stood sobbing in the hall
As she placed Pip, Squeak & Wilfred
On the wall.


Verse 5
I had a life
I Loved my little girl, I loved my wife
I Lie and wait
Just another name upon the Menin Gate
Here beneath the ground
I'm still waiting to be found
At Valour Farm
The dead lay all around
At Valour Farm
Still waiting to be found

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